Where is tina teams?


I’m a bit late coming to the party here, I was still on slack :sweat_smile:

I was wondering… whats going on with tina teams ? Is it cancelled ?

Also late to the party :grimacing:. I’m working on a project where I configured a Gatsby single page web app to use TinaCMS, but I don’t think it will work as I want the client to be able to edit the content easily by login into some admin page (a la Netlify CMS), does TinaCMS supports this? is that what Tina Teams is/will be?

Tina Teams is still been actively developed. It will be an optional backend tailored specifically for TinaCMS.
More details to come when ready. Until then we suggest going with an alternate backend such as Github: https://tinacms.org/guides/nextjs/github-open-authoring/initial-setup

thanks for the quick answer @jamespohalloran

Is it currently possible to use github, but without open authoring ?

I mean if I want to develop an app for a client, I would not let anyone else access, or even see the “edit” button. Is that possible ? If not, have you got some release date (or period), planned for tina teams right now ?

Thanks again

Github integration will also work with private repos! Your edit button could be on its own page such as “/admin”. In your use-case, instead of forking the repo, the commits would just be made to the base repo (assuming your clients have access to the repository).


awesome ! I’ll look into it !

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