What is the best way to use only the markdown editor?

First of all - tina cms is amazing.

I would like to use only the markdown editor to edit a single text field in my system. It could be inline (no need of edit in tab).

Do I still need to use the TinaProvider and what would be the less-bundlesize variant to do this?

Thank you very much

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Hey @bukso, right now in order to define any form (even with a single field), there needs to be a CMS object instantiated and provided by the TinaProvider. So the approach to only using the markdown editor would be the same normal CMS configuration, adding the react-tinacms-editor package and markdown plugin and creating a form to edit your data.

Just so we can get some context, could you describe your usecase? It’s awesome for us to know the different ways folks want to use the fields, forms, CMS etc. so we can identify approaches that suit your needs.

Hello @kendall ,

thanks for the fast response,

Actually I am developing own react-based shopping system, and my customers want to have more extended editor of the product-description than the textarea that I have right now.
That is why I decided to use the markdown-way. From all Markdown wysiwyg editors online I like mostly the one from tinacms. And I would really use it independant from the tinacms.

I think that describes in short my use-case :slight_smile:

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@bukso, gotcha thanks for expanding on your usecase! We use Prosemirror to power the markdown editor, so that could be an interested place for you to start if you wanted to work with an independent WYSIWYG editor.

Hi @kendall,

thank you I will give it a try :wink: