What EXACTLY is TinaCMS?

Hey, I’m new here. So… could anyone explain what TinaCMS is? I understand it’s a CMS for live-editing, but does it offer more? What about comments, custom data types, etc;

Hi @jwpeachey,

TinaCMS is like a CMS that you build into your Gatsby, Next.js, or React-powered site (soon other sites will be supported too). Once you do that, you can trigger “edit-mode” for a live editing experience. When you change some content and click “save”, Tina will commit those changes to your repo.

As with all JAMstack sites, if you want comments you will need to use a 3rd party service like disqus.com.

What type of custom data types are you interested in supporting?

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OK, cool! Thanks for clarifying. I just wasn’t sure if it was only a live-editor CMS, or if it was more complex. Love the product!

Thanks again,

Jarod Peachey


On a side note, be aware that you should be able to use any React Component in Tina, we have some articles about how to add custom fields types to be published on our blog, so stay tuned.

For now Tina focused on editorials teams that need to manage their content.

For user generated content like comments, a search on JAMstack comments on Google will help.
I’ve heard good things about https://commento.io if you don’t wan’t to use Disqus.

Keep in mind, the project is still young and that we’re just getting started, Tina is designed to be modular, and has a very small core.We hope to empower the community to develop plugins, to add new capabilities.