Using group-list form with JSON array

I’ve been using the group-list form successfully with a JSON file that is keyed, eg:

    "someProp": [ // array here ]

But I would like to use JSON files that don’t have a key, eg:

    // array here

In the former case, I can tell Tina which data to load into the form by using the key in the name property of the field, eg name: "someProp", but in the latter I’m not sure what value to put for the name property.

These docs have an example using rawJson eg, name: 'rawJson.authors', I tried using just rawJson there but it didn’t work. Eliminating the name field altogether throws an error. Any way to do this? FYI I’m using Next.js, not gatsby.

@pmb As far as I know, for fields to work, you need to provide a key (name) that points to the value being edited. Can you adjust your data source?

Yep its possible to add a key to the data source, I was just curious if it could be managed without one. Not a deal breaker, thanks!

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