Using a modal to add a new component


I wanted to know if it is possible to change the component where the blocks are displayed. For example, when pressing the button with the label β€œ+” the available sections (Title, Carrusel, Section) are displayed in a modal, thus replacing the popover.

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Hey @fabricioism, that’s an awesome idea! It’s not currently possible but we were thinking of doing something like this with Inline Blocks β€” where the add block menu could be another screen modal.

Feel free to make an issue outlining the proposed enhancement, we could discuss what this might look like more there.


Hi Kendall thanks for your support :smiley:

I did something useful for me.

I used a select field and a trigger, when you choose an option then I show a group of fields for every option.

Thanks a Lot! I love Tina :heart_eyes:

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