"useWatchFormValues" doesn't register changes when typing in a InlineWysiwyg component

I’m trying to make it possible for my page to register input changes in a markdown field. “useWatchFormValues” registers when other fields are changed, and when I press one of the menu options in the markdown editor like the one below.

But it doesn’t register changes when I manually type something. Below is the code for the Markdown component:

import React, {useContext} from 'react'
import Link from 'next/link'
import { BlocksControls } from 'react-tinacms-inline'
import { InlineWysiwyg } from 'react-tinacms-editor'
import ReactMarkdown from 'react-markdown'
import gfm from 'remark-gfm'
import styled from 'styled-components'
import { media } from '../MediaTemplate'
import context from '../../context/context'

const renderers = {
  link: (props) => {
    if (props.href.substr(0, 4) === 'http') {
      return <StyledAnchor href={props.href} target="_blank" rel="noreferrer">{props.children}</StyledAnchor>
    } else {
      // This is an internal link
      return <Link

function Markdown({ data, index }) {
  const [state, dispatch] = useContext(context)
  return (
    <BlocksControls index={index} focusRing={{ offset: 10 }} insetControls={false}>
      <ParagraphBackground >
          <InlineWysiwyg name="markdownBody" format="markdown" >
            <ReactMarkdown  plugins={[gfm]} renderers={renderers} source={data.markdownBody} />

export const markdownBlock = {
  Component: Markdown,
  template: {
    name: "markdownBody",
    label: 'Markdown',

I’m calling and testing the function like this:

  useWatchFormValues(form, (test) => {

    console.log("test", test)

Is there perhaps a way to make it looks for specific fields .e.g. markdownBody? I’ve tried to add it to the cms instance by using cms.add(markdownBlock) but it didn’t do anything.