Use Select Component with TinaCloud

When defining a schema for my templates, I am able to set a component’s type to select, however when I query the data I get an error.

Here is an example of the schema:

	collections: [
			label: "A Cool Collection",
			name: "collection",
			path: "foo/bar",
			templates: [
					label: "Template",
					name: "template",
					fields: [
							type: "select",
							label: "Select Element",
							name: "select",
							options: ["foo", "bar"],

The Schema builds fine but upon querying it from Tina’s GraphQL endpoint, I receive the error

String cannot represent value: { label: "foo", value: "foo" }
String cannot represent value: { label: "bar", value: "bar" }

Are their any solutions to this?

Hello @btessem sorry for the late response! This probably happened because your local version of tina-graphql-gatewayy was ahead of the version you are using locally. This is a problem that some may run into as we work out a local / Cloud versioning strategy. We apologize for the inconvenience. I just tested this and it should be working now. Let us know if you run into any more issues.

There is a related issue here if someone runs into the same error message but with the list field

It should be fixed now with version 0.2.54 of tina-graphql-gateway-cli