Title of objects in edit sidebar

hello, I’d like to know if there is a way to display titles of articles in edit sidebar instead of just label text.

for example on image there is three different articles but in edit bar all of them have same name “Home Article” (as it is described in schema). it’s fine for few records but when I have too many articles, it’s hard to guess which card belongs to which article. it would be better if I were able to display article’s title instead of label. The project is with next.js, graphql and Typescript

Hello @roma_gh This is a common request. We are thinking about how to make this better. We currently have a work around that uses custom fields

For the plugin use this. Instead of the one in the example.

  name: 'vendors',
  Component: (props) => {
    const field = {
      itemProps: (item) => {
        return {
          label: item.label,
    return (

And item[something] is a field in your object. In this example the object had a field with the name “label”