TinaCMS set up in the Cloud (Gatsby)

Hi, I am madly in love with TinaCMS, :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::scream:

Normally I use TinaCMS for my personal projects. I update the content on my local machine, where everything updates fast and smoothly.

I would like to use TinaCMS in projects that I build for my clients. In order to do this, I need TinaCMS to run smoothly like on my local machine on a hosted URL.

I have tried to set it in Gatsby Cloud after reading this article:

Here is the result of my set up:

When I update the text, it updates slowly and the images do not update at all.

The problem that I am having is that I am not able to check if I have set up everything incorrectly way. Or is this how TinaCMS works in the cloud? Are there any other ways to host TinaCMS?

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Hey there,

The Gatsby dev server is pretty resource-hungry, and in order to re-render Markdown on-the-fly we have to constantly hammer the filesystem with updates. The added latency of editing in the cloud is likely degrading the experience versus editing on your local machine.

We are currently exploring other ways to work with Gatsby that could simplify the hosting needs for editing in the cloud.

With that said, it might also be worth looking into whether there are any frontend issues that could be contributing to the performance problem. Since you say it runs smoothly when you run it locally, I would assume this isn’t a problem. However, it’s good to keep in mind that Tina can expose some reactivity issues that weren’t previously causing problems, since previously unchanging props are now subject to frequent updates.

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Thanks for your reply DJ!

I have learned that TinaCMS is awesome, yet I have to wait a bit to use it in projects that I build for my clients.

Regarding performance, I have used starter site that you guys build.

Hopping that you will ship TinaCMS for teams quite soon. And maybe it will be possible to use TinaCMS through teams instead Gatsby cloud.

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