TinaCMS.. can it be used for multi-user? Any examples?

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[Apologies, its a novice question… i couldnt find an answer for this, after spending couple of hours with the documentation.]

I have a project requirement (hosted in AWS) with nextjs pages, with ability for the all logged in end-users to edit their profiles and save using GraphQL. (User wont have github accounts). They will be able to view others profiles, however can edit only theirs. Can i use TinaCms for profiles?

Does this require Tina Team? Can the site auth (based on passport) be used to control the access?

Is TinaCMS is a good choice to do this? Does It supports multiple editors in the production environment?

Can the data format be json instead of MarkDown?

If so, Can someone kindly point me to an example, where allow-edit is done based on the user auth? i am assuming data can be fetched/stored using GraphQL.


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I finally, got the anwers here… thanks.


One update…

Above example is outdated.
now the library is moved under package react-tinacms-strapi. So the signature doesnt match with the tutorial. Not sure how to fix this…
there is no reference to find this… hope its not abandoned.


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I am building a site from the above tutorial and not getting this error.

In your _app.js do you have this and the URL in the .env file? STRAPI_URL=http://localhost:yourport

export default function App({ Component, pageProps }) {
    const cms = useMemo(
        () =>
            new TinaCMS({
              // ...
                apis: {
                    strapi: new StrapiClient(process.env.STRAPI_URL)
                media: {
                    store: new StrapiMediaStore(process.env.STRAPI_URL)
    return (
     // ...

@Lauren, thanks for the response. :slightly_smiling_face:

My bad, i was referring to the repository code to run this.,
will follow the code from here and check.