Tina Starter Grande

Hello TinaCMS team!
just one quick question, seem like this starter (tina-starter-grande) has a lot of bugs. For example new page option is a problem, can you spare some advice how to fix this or how to approach this problem?

Thanks in advance!

Sorry for the inconvenience, our team is currently focused on Next.js starters, Grande was a proof of concept for Gatsby, and hasn’t been maintained for a while, it lacks some love.

Please open an issue on Issues · tinacms/tina-starter-grande · GitHub if your issue is not listed. :blush:

Thnx Frank! I will try to fix it. Does this mean that Gatsby will be out of focus for your team in the future?

We’re still focused on a library that works with React-based sites, it’s just that this starter has not be maintained for a while now.

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Okay, thanks once again for your answers! Cheers!