Tina Grande - How to use the CMS Features?

I deployed the Tina Grande instance using Netlify. I am unaware how to use the cms feature, as I do not see any button or /admin to use it. Please guide me. Thanks!

Hello @docbrij, thanks for your question. Unfortunately when using TinaCMS with Gatsby the editing mode is only available in dev mode. If your looking for a cloud editing experience I suggest you checkout our Cloud Starter. This will give you the editing experience that you get with Tina Grande but hosted in the cloud. It also provides a more intuitive way to define your schema and give you a graphql API for content we even created a short video guide if you prefer that format.

Unfortunately at this time we don’t have any plans to move Tina Grande to Tina Cloud. You might be able to find a similar editing experience here. You can find the code for that demo here.

Thanks for your question!

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@logan, Thank you!
I tried fork the code and deploy on netlify.
I was not successful yet, but thanks for sharing the links. Best!