Tina for Clients? Paid Support for Anyone Who can Help

  1. Need help determining if Tina + Next.js can be used for delivering a Client setup for allowing client admin to update the site - admin is CMS savvy but not a developer.

  2. Willing to pay any reasonable fee to someone who can help me identify how to achieve this via demo and explanations.

  3. No setup requested as I would be doing the underlying setup - what I am looking for is guidance from someone who is very familiar with TinaCMS.

Can you share a bit more about the scope of the project? Tina + Next.js is powering https://tina.io with open authoring, but maybe there are other constraints here? What guidance do you need about the setup?

If your client needs to work as a team, he should register tor Tina Cloud Early Access to benefit from user auth and management.

Looking for a 1 to 2 hour detailed demo of how to use and setup Tina. I simply do not want to slug through yet another set of docs for a day or three to find out at the end of the road what others already know and can demo and explain in much shorter time. I am not familiar with Open Authoring. Essentially, the website need is basic, and will be updated by an experienced CMS admin, but not a web developer.

Oh and yes, if I can set it up on a server so the admin can log in and edit that would be great. I am not expecting all the setup to be demonstrated in 1-2 hours. I need to see if there are themes with responsive images available, hopefully lazy loading, hopefully CSS purge, but mostly, I need to see how to set up Tina with Next from a localhost perspective to see how it works and determine if it is a good fit.

And very important… I have not yet used Next.js – basically I need an overall into such as - Next.js show me a theme you’re using, show me how it’s works and compiles sans Tina, then show me how it works with Tina including auth.

We might need to release some kind of video to address that kind of overview, it’s something we’ll think about.

For Next.js, I’d recommend starting with the official basic learning tutorial that covers the important concepts to know.

From there, you should be able to take our guide to add Tina onto the default starter Next.js blog.

How would you determine if it’s a good fit?