Tina Cloud: TinaCloudProvider import from tina-graphql-gateway

I am following the guide here.

When I get to the portion where you fill in _app.tsx with the code provided i keep getting the error

Warning: React.jsx: type is invalid -- expected a string (for built-in components) or a class/function (for composite components) but got: undefined. You likely forgot to export your component from the file it's defined in, or you might have mixed up default and named imports.

Check your code at _app.tsx:8.

This is the code from the guide:

import React from 'react'
import { TinaProvider, TinaCMS } from 'tinacms'
import { TinaCloudProvider } from 'tina-graphql-gateway'
import createClient from '../components/client'

function App({ Component, pageProps }) {
  return (
      onLogin={(token: string) => {
        const headers = new Headers()

        //TODO - the token should could as a param from onLogin
        headers.append('Authorization', 'Bearer ' + token)
        fetch('/api/preview', {
          method: 'POST',
          headers: headers,
        }).then(() => {
          window.location.href = '/'
        return ''
      onLogout={() => {
        console.log('exit edit mode')
      <Component {...pageProps} />

export default function _App(props: any) {
  const cms = new TinaCMS({
    apis: {
      tina: createClient(true),
    sidebar: props.pageProps.preview,
    enabled: props.pageProps.preview,

  return (
    <TinaProvider cms={cms}>
      <App {...props} />

I think TinaCloudProvider is possibly not being exported from tina-graphql-gateway.

When I look inside of node_modules/tina-graphql-gateway/dist/index.d.ts, I noticed that TinaCloudProvider is not something that is being exported from this package.
line 188

export { AuthWallInner, Client, DEFAULT_LOCAL_TINA_GQL_SERVER_URL, DocumentNode, FilterCollections, ForestryMediaStore, FormifyArgs, LocalClient, TinaCloudAuthWall, TinaCloudAuthWallProps, formifyCallback, graphql, toggleMachineStateValue, useDocumentCreatorPlugin, useGraphqlForms, useTinaAuthRedirect };

I’m wondering if anyone else has had this same problem or if the component is supposed to be imported from a different package?


That guide might be outdated; please check, Tina Cloud Client | TinaCMS Docs