Through-The-Web Editing Story of TinaCMS

Currently, the docs all seem to suggest that the only way to edit the content using TinaCMS is to be running the development server. This seems to be quite the opposite of what the majority of CMS users would like, and that is to have a way to quickly and easily edit content without having to have the knowledge of starting development servers, etc.

I understand that there is an open GitHub Issue here, however it doesn’t really clarify the current state of using TinaCMS outside of the development server and only mentions Teams, which to me seems like your solution to this problem.

I love both the development and editing experience of TinaCMS and want to use it in both my personal and professional projects. However until there is some more clarification on how users can edit content without requiring a development version of the project, I’m going to have to hold off on using it.

Thanks for the great work!

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@JeffersonBledsoe we wrote a post before the holidays that addresses this question. See here:

Thanks for the reply and happy new year! :slight_smile:

I did read the post and it’s a useful insight (as is @spbyrne 's gatsby blog post). Personally, it would be good to discuss whether there are any performance impacts of running a development site rather than a production build, and if so what they may be.

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@JeffersonBledsoe hey! We also just posted a follow-up blog post setting this up with Gatsby Cloud.
One important thing to note is that these “cloud editing environments” which are running development servers are not replacing your production site. The cloud editing environment will be deployed separately and will have a unique url. It will only be accessible by editors of your site.


Ahh, so the workflow is more focused on having a subdomain or subdirectory for the admin interface as well as the primary site, rather than having the site appear differently if the admin user is logged in (such as with wordpress)?

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Exactly. And yep you could still add a redirect, or a subdomain so that users could enter edit-mode through []/admin.

I understand the idea of having a staging server and I’ve read both articles mentioned. However, I can’t seem to be able to figure out how to “hide” TinaCMS in the production environment? Both environments are working off the same git codebase, so Tina would show in production as well.

I’m guess something could be accomplished with environment variables, but I’m not seeing how.

Haha, alright, I think I found it in the docs:

The one thing I’m still unsure about is how to do it with inline editing.