Styling custom fields to match the TinaCMS fields

Is there a way to access the styles for the TinaCMS fields, so that I can use them on my customer field and preserve the consistency of all the fields?

Hey @philipsaa!

Currently we have a number of styling functions available through the @tinacms/styles package, but we have an open PR that shifts Tina away from these functions and replaces them with CSS custom properties to make Tina styles universally accessible. This change will likely be released next Monday.

For custom input styling, we also have the CSS used for our text inputs available via the @tinacms/fields package. If you’re using styled components you can import InputCss from that package and include it in your input styles like so:

export const Input = styled.input`

As far as I know you can only do this if you’re also using styled components.

You can have a look at the PR to see what’s coming.