Specify custom fork for Open Authoring review

Currently the Open Authoring workflow creates a fork with the user’s credentials and relays content from and to that fork via the static backend. Once the pull request is made, something like Vercel can be used to deploy the new version to a separate URL for review before the pull request is approved.

However, deploying a separate instance is somewhat heavy and feels unnecessary: I imagine it would be fairly simple from technical standpoint to allow the reviewer to specify that they want to use data from the pull request, instead of creating an new fork. That would support light-weight review and even sharing development version links using the same static server?

Is that something Tina already maybe supports and I just have missed? If not, is it something that is planned?

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Welcome @ervin! This is not something that react-tinacms-github supports yet but I love the idea!

The github client does have a function for setting the fork. We probably won’t have time to get to this for a little while, but if you’re eager you could try prototyping a custom toolbar plugin that let’s you enter the fork name into an input and then reruns the onLogin function that hits the Next preview API.