Slack invitation?

Hello, I’d like to join the Slack group, but it seems like I can’t find somewhere to get invited…

Slack is closed… You can write here if you have a question! Cheers!

Why is Slack closed? Wouldn’t that be the best place to speak with people? Is it because of a lack of activity? I’m looking to speak to some people about their experience implementing TinaCMS

Hey @AJTJ welcome to the forum! Here’s the original post about closing the Slack group:

After some deliberation we’ve decided to discontinue the TinaCMS Slack and move all community conversations to the Forum. Here’s a few reasons for this shift:

  • Better Visibility: Forum posts are SEO friendly and there is no limits to the history. This makes it easier to find and link to conversations about Tina.
  • Async Communication: The core team has been moving towards asynchronous and long-form communication for a while now. Forums do a better job of encouraging this form of communications then chat apps.
  • Split Attention: Having both a Forum and a Slack makes it difficult to know where to post what. It also makes it more difficult for the core team to keep up with the communities questions. Moving Tina communication to GitHub means there’s one service less to keep tab on.

As @nikola said, the forum is exactly the place to be to ask people about their experiences implementing TinaCMS :slight_smile: