Setup InlineWysiwyg to upload images

Hi, after seeing this:

I’ve noticed that I can add images with InlineWysiwyg just by adding imageProps with the definition of upload as indicated in the documentation.

As regards marking seems to work with something like:





              upload: (files) => {

                return Promise.resolve([`../images/${files[0].name}`])






                __html: data.html,




but I’m not really sure how to setup imageProps to really upload the image

ps: for the moment… :slight_smile: first I upload the image with the sidebar file ''Hero Image" and then try with the InlineWysiwyg which when doing the same to upload the image, introduces the markup well, and this can be seen because it has really been uploaded before

Hey @pablocianes, depending on the media store you are using, you can use that to persist or add a new image to the store. Reference this example in the demo-gatsby project.

I would also check out the react-tinacms-editor package docs for more information on imageProps.

It actually seems like that demo-gatsby example is out of date. I’m working on updating the docs now, feel free to check out how we’ve configured this on our site.

Wow, thank you very much :slight_smile:

Here are the updated docs, let me know if that makes more sense!