React 17, typescript setup

Hey Guys

Quick question… Will Tina CMS work with a typescript create react app setup. Im not using gatsby or next… is that going to be a issue?


It’s working with React 17 and Next.js on the Alpaca Starter and we’re using CRA in our getting started so I’d say yes. We didn’t test with latest TypeScript version yet.

Let us know If you run into any issue, it’s certainly a compatibility we’re aiming at.

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Not gonna lie I have been struggling slightly to get the inline editor blocks to work but im gonna run through it again and see what i can find…

Next week we should release a more streamlined experience with React refs for a better inline editing.

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Awesome, yeah my issue was relating to typescript specifically it would seem. But let me get through it again and maybe if I still cant figure it out i’ll post it up here to see if anyone has an idea…