Prototype: Tina + Gatsby + Dgraph

Checkout the GitHub repository for code, slides, talk recording, and more.

Gatsby +Tina + Dgraph Example

This was built for a talk first given at GraphQL in Space in September of 2020. Feel free to use this as a reference to understand the various technologies.

Serverless Web Apps with Gatsby + Dgraph + TinaCMS

More and more folks are looking to build highly dynamic web apps that deploy via static assets to a CDN. Gatsby has been a leader in this space and has a great story around sourcing data from a wide variety of CMSes. That same story hasn’t been true when looking to source data from a database. Existing solutions have generally been highly custom and complex or all together sub-par.

The good news is this is changing, Gatsby has recently released to beta its GraphQL Source Toolkit that uses schema queries to integrate any GraphQL source quickly and easily into Gatsby’s data layer. This is already driving new CMS integrations such as CraftCMS and GraphCMS. With Dgraph now shipping full GraphQL compatibility we have the ability to much more simply integrate our Gatsby front-end with a world-class database.