Production workflow with TinaCMS

Hello everyone. I want to try TinaCMS with gatsby.
I read the docs and I like it ;).

But I wonder, how a production workflow would look like?

So I will have my gatsby-tinacms site on netlify running in production-mode.
But tinacms needs to run in dev mode.

So I have another site on netlify running in dev-mode with user-authentication to be able to edit the site?

Is this right?

Is there a resource were I can see a complete running tinacms workflow?

Thanks a lot.

Hey @Rockymedia great to have you here!

A while back @jamespohalloran wrote a blog post about using Tina in the cloud and then a follow up post detailing how to set up a site in Gatsby Cloud a while back. I’m not sure if Netlify dev-mode will work, but hopefully these posts help.