No error message when github push fails

I have a website based on tina-starter-grande.

Unfortunately, when SAVING (= pushing to github) fails, there is no message to the user. There is only a console.log, which prints the error (HTTP 412) and a message in the console.

As a result, the user doesn’t know that changes cannot get saved and continues to work. As I am using docker, everything will be lost after installing a new version.

This is exactly what happened, and it’s incredibly embarrassing for the developer, as you might imagine.

Does anybody know how to make the SAVE action FAIL PROPERLY? Even a simple alert() would be fine.

I found some code in packages/@tinacms/api-git/src/router.ts ("// TODO: More intelligently respond"). However, isn’t there a more high lever way of dealing with this?

Hey @retani! Thanks for posting. You brought up a good problem. As far as I know there isn’t a way to customize the ‘fail’ behavior at the moment, but I made a new issue in Github to discuss options.