Multiple Tina Instances

Hi, great product you have here, I’ve got it up and running and am very impressed.
The next thing I need to do is look at how it might be possible to have multiple instances of TinaCMS rather than just the one wrapped using _app.tsx. Is this possible? I’d still need to use getStaticProps / getStaticPaths on these pages - not sure if that is a blocker?

Ideally I’d want different behaviour for /products to /blog for example, with different plugins and different GitHub repos for the content. there are also other parts of the site we’re building that have no need for Tina at all, so would be good to not load it globally.
are there any good examples of doing this?
also, is there any way of mocking the TinaCMS interfaces so we can visualise and test the site in something like Storybook?