Move files based on field

Hi there! Next question: is there a way (or plans to implement one) to move files based on fields? Let’s say I have this structure


and a field for the language. currently I am just disabling the language field after creation, but it would be very cool if I could still change it and then move the file to the new correction. This could probably be related to my other question here: Hooks before or after saving

I can imagine solving this with a pre/after save hook: if they receive the current field/form and something like those actions (e.g. DeleteAction) they would be really powerful.

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So this question involves two different packages:

@tinacms/forms is what would handle the hooks. As I replied in the other thread, there’s no hooks for onSubmitSuccess or onSubmitFailure yet but there is a workaround.

@tinacms/api-git and @tinacms/git-client are the package that define what operations you can do on the filesystem. Currently they do not support moving files so that would be a new feature for them.