Mediastore crashing

Opening the sidebar and clicking mediastore crashes the page
.Uncaught Error: Module "path" has been externalized for browser compatibility and cannot be accessed in client code.

I am so far just running a tinacms with react, I started connecting the strapi cms but then realised this issue. I back tracked all the way to the start to see the issue still occurs.

function App() {
  const cms = new TinaCMS({
    sidebar: true,
    toolbar: true,
    // apis: {
    //   strapi: new StrapiClient(
    //     `${import.meta.env.VITE_STRAPI_URL}` || 'http://localhost:1337',
    //   ),
    // },
    // media: new StrapiMediaStore(`${import.meta.env.VITE_STRAPI_URL}` || 'http://localhost:1337'),
  return (
    <TinaProvider cms={cms}>
      <div className="App">
        {/* <PageContent /> */}
        <EditButton />

Update: Nothing to do with my code - it happens at the very beginng of using tinacms following a starter too:

Thought TinaCMS couldve been a nice solution but there seems to be no support on it, I cant get past the issue so will move on for now.

Hi Aaron, sorry you’re running into an issue, do you have any public repository to share? What were you trying to achieve? Using A Git Media Store with Strapi?

I mentioned above, a starter even when opening the media store UI crashes. Its not repo specific, I didnt even get to integrate strapi, the UI itself presents the error above.