Issue with inline group settings

I have one group in a page, and two fields in the settings modal.
One I click “confirm” in the modal, the changes apply immediately, and the "save button on the CMS toolbar is grayed out, making it impossible for me to save the changes.

the only way it works properly, is if I add an inline field to the page, but I am trying to avoid that, and have the editing completely in the modal.

      { name: 'description', component: 'html' },
        name: 'style',
        component: 'select',
        options: ['Default', 'Theme Colors'],
      offset: {
        x: 18,
        y: 32,
      borderRadius: 10,
    <div className="bannerBackground">
      <p>style: {}</p>

Hi @NiviJah,

This sounds like it could be a bug. Would it be possible to share your repo, or a reproduction of the problem?