InlineBlocks with Strapi

Hi guys, there is any Example of using InlineBlocks with Strapi??

Thank you

Hi did you check Editing with Tina | TinaCMS Docs ?

What is blocking you?

I’m having issues with this also and I dont see any examples for InlineBlocks in the article you referenced. It looks like Tina needs to have a field called _template in each block object to identify which template to use (Inline Blocks | TinaCMS Docs) however Strapi doesn’t allow this naming convention (at least for text fields). It looks like Strapi does include a default field called __component though, would there be someway to have Tina look for this value instead of _template?

Here is an example output from my current setup in Strapi:

{ __component: “sections.hero”, id: 1, title: “The best way to build your Corporate Site” },
{ __component: “sections.feature-rows-group”, id: 1, features: [] }

Ok I was able to get this to work using Graphql Aliases, I just added a default (uneditable) text field called template to each of my “blocks” and then aliased it as _template in my query.

I also needed to change the format of the blocks object passed to Tina’s InlineBlocks from:

const HOME_BLOCKS = {hero: heroBlock, images: imagesBlock, paragraph: paragraphBlock, features: featureListBlock}


const HOME_BLOCKS = {"blocks.hero": heroBlock,"blocks.images": imagesBlock,"blocks.paragraph": paragraphBlock,"blocks.features": featureListBlock}
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