Inline block settings to render in a sidebar

I’d like to see the changes I make to my inline blocks as I change them. Currently, inline block settings appear in a modal dialog, covering my content so my view is limited. I’d love for block settings to be rendered in a sidebar similar to page settings where it pushes the content over. Is there any way to do this currently? If not I’d like to request this feature.


@austincondiff this is something we are discussing right now! It’s not currently possible without changes to InlineSettings, which directly renders a modal and potentially the BlockTemplate or BlocksControls where we would need to add a flag for the preferred screen option.

Feel free to share your ideas on how you’d like to see this working, we’d love any input.

@kendall I appreciate the response. Let me explain my use case.

I have a long list of settings for each inline block. This is because I wrap each block component in my own Block wrapper component which takes advantage of global block settings which I spread in each block fields array. (There may be a better solution for global block settings that may later be offered by Tina).

These global settings include things like, paddingTop, paddingBottom, fullHeight, width, backgroundColor, backgroundImage, backgroundVideo, backgroundParallax, contentParallax, disableAnimation, etc.

There are more to that list and that is along with each blocks settings. So for example for my Hero block I also have showSuperTitle, showSubtitle,, primaryButton.label,, primaryButton.newWindow, secondaryButton.label,, secondaryButton.newWindow, showScrollIndicator, etc.

This means I have a LOT of settings and I feel like Tina doesn’t do the best job at organization of these settings as I would like. I was thinking tabs and/or making groups collapsable instead of taking you to a new screen may help provide a better UX.

Blocks could then appear in the Page’s primary sidebar either in its own tab within the sidebar or below the other items in the sidebar. At that point the edit button in the block overlay menu is more of a shortcut to go to that area in the page settings sidebar instead of bringing up a separate dialog. Then I would probably. add inline items settings in that menu as well so inline editing is a convenience, but you can also edit from the sidebar as well if the user chooses to.

I’d also combine the global forms menu with the page edit menu. I find the two sidebars confusing. I might have two tabs, Page settings and Site settings. Under site settings it would have each registered form as it does in the main menu now (for me I have general site settings, theme, and navigation).

If you’d like to collaborate closer or have a deeper conversation I’d be more than happy to discuss this further. I’ve helped the folks at Netlify CMS improve their UI in the past and I’d love to help out here as well.

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