How to work in a Tina development environment

I am looking to solve bugs in the TinaCMS editor that I found in an ecommerce project that I work on.

How should I work with Tina in a development environment?

I already forked the project and ran the setup process with lerna, but I would like to understand how I can test the tina packages like @tinacms and gatsby-plugin-tinacms?

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Having the same problem here

Please see Contributing

@Marioduarte I was very confused to contribute to the project. I found out that you can use the demo packages as a development environment.

Just change any Tina package and execute npm run dev in the root of the tinacms project

The repository will be rebuilt, and the demo packages will also be updated with the changes.

I’m trying to open a pull request to improve this part of the documentation, I got really confused after finishing the Contribution Set-up instructions

@Frank I was very confused when following the Contribution Set-up, I didn’t know how to execute and develop the project.

I’m trying to open a pull request to add this information to Tina’s set-up guide.

Sorry, we don’t have a great streamlined developer experience at the moment, it’s something we intend to improve in the future.