How to upload a image to AWS S3 using an image input?

Hi everyone!

I wan’t to use an image input to upload that file to my S3 server and obtain a url to use in tina.
Thanks for your answers.

Welcome @fabricioism!

It’s not well documented on our website, but you can create a custom Media Store to do that!

You can checkout the GitMediStore and the GithubMediaStore for reference.

Then you can add it to your cms like so: = new FabriciolismsAwsMediaStore()
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Thanks Nolan!

We resolved it with a different way, using an endpoint directly to S3 using a input field’s event. It was used an Ant Design’s component instead of Tina’s image field.

Thanks again for this project, Tina is so awesome! I’m happy to know about it.

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