How to save changes made to inline blocks on (forked)?

I have asked this questions in a Github issue, but since there has been no response I consult the community.

I tried the inline block editing functionality on a fork of the website. It seems that the changes are not detected when I adjust something on the homepage, because when I make any edit to any inline blocks or place a new one, the form status in the toolbar says “No changes” and the save button is disabled. How do I save any changes to my fork? Or is this feature not implemented yet? Making changes to the docs section works and they are saved as markdown files. The homepage content is saved as json I guess, might that be an issue here?

Has anyone experience with this? Got the inline block editing feature working with next.js and github open authoring?

Hey @Mattias, thanks for pointing this out. This line was missing from that page after the form declaration.


Which registers the form with the cms. Here’s the PR for the fix.

Thanks @kendall. Works perfectly now :smiley:

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