Group-list component returning "store" not found


I’m having difficulties rendering a group-list component using Tina’s remarkCreatorPlugin. I have a product page with an arbitrary amount of images for each product. My goal with the group-list was to have the user add as many images as they like, but I receive the following error in dev tools:

The field object concerning the the group-list component looks as follows:

  label: "Product Images",
  name: "productImages",
  description: "Product images",
  component: "group-list",
  description: "Product images list",
  defaultItem: () => ({
    name: "image",
    id: Math.random().toString(36).substr(2, 9),
  fields: [
      label: "Product Image",
      name: "image",
      component: "image",
      parse: (filename) => {
        return `/content/products/images/${filename}`;
      uploadDir: (category) => {
        return `/content/products/images/`;
      previewSrc: (formValues) => {
        return "";
        // if (!formValues.frontmatter.productImages) return "";
        // return formValues.frontmatter.productImages.childImageSharp.fixed
        //   .src;

Why does Tina come back with this error? Is it because it can’t find product images to render? As this is part of the RemarkCreatorPlugin, there would be no images to render initially as it is a brand new entry. So I’m not sure what the solution might be.

I am also currently getting this error and my values are hardcoded same as the one in the documentation ie. authors. Did you find any solution to this?

Hey there, do you have an example repository to recreate this issue?