Gallery or uploading images in directories for a post?


I took a look at the project a while back and I just noticed there was a new release :slight_smile:

I was wondering if the starter projects (Gatsby) have been updated to take advantage or it - so i can test it out.

I was hoping to be able to upload images to a post but keep those images in a separate directory - I noticed there was something released about easily adding images to a post by drag and dropping and also an icon to add…

Does this support separating them into a separate directory? so I can keep the images specific to a post together.

Also on the front of your main page there is a display of a “Gallery”, is this supported already as on the starter projects I could never get to see it.

It’s looking great though!

I should mention, that i want to use it in Gatsby.

Thanks in advance


In the gatsby demo we use a static path for inline image upload for now, but you can use fileRelativePath to define the uploadDir.


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