Error Next.js + Strapi + TinaCMS - useCMS could not find an instance of CMS


I’m trying to follow the guide to use TinaCMS with Next.js and Strapi but I’m running into this error:

This happens when I have to add TinaProvider and StrapiProvider to _app.js.
When there is only TinaProvider, it works fine and there is no error but as soon as I add StrapiProvider, this error shows up.

I tried to downgrade Webpack to version 4 with no success, I also tried using next built in env but no luck.

Also, when I launch my app, my Strapi app is queried and I can actually see the data if I remove StrapiProvider.

I’m using Next.js 11 and Strapi 3.6.5.

Thank you for your help