Edit from staging endpoint then deploy to production


I’ve started reading and discovering TinaCMS this morning and I was of course immediately by the Visual Editing functionality. Now I’m trying to define my preferred usage of Tina.

I prefer to develop in Vue or even Svelte for the future, even if I know React and Next. So immediately, I would use Tina as a realtime Preview Editor. However, I’d rather not allow that editing in production.

So I wonder if anyone has considered using TinaCMS in a Staging environment so they have a real feeling of the final result, update and validate the CMS content for production, then have the website or app without Tina deployed for production ?

However, this solution would require to have 2 versions of the project.

Or would it be possible to create a webpack or a rollup plugin that wraps all the editable fields with an input element to provide the visual editing function ?

Bear with me, I’m dreaming out loud :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

And as I was reviewing several CMS at the same time, I was also checking a Vue project called https://sli.dev and I just can’t help thinking there’s a lot of possible synergy between Tina and Slidev.

It’s what @logan recently did, using a subdomain to give access through Tina Cloud to edit the website, while keeping the production website free of Tina.

One limitation compared to open authoriing with the GitHub backend is that you don’t get to create new branches or pull requests from the toolbar for now. You have to manually open a PR on GitHub.