Edit creates drafts

Hi there, I am wondering if anyone knows if Tina could be used to create an edit user flow where changes are saved as drafts that need to be approved before they go live. It would also be useful to highlight those changes for longer content.

Hey @Luke, thanks for posting — great question. We do have longer-term visions of creating editorial workflows that you are describing, supported by an interface for approving work, but those plans are still quite a ways away.

For now you could implement a more simple ‘draft’ feature through field flags and excluding draft content from your final build. See this blog as a reference for some ideas. Another way of approaching this now is by using the GitHub back-end and using the pull-request workflow for content changes. While I know that’s not ideal for content editors, it can ensure that changes are approved before they are merged.

Feel free to share your ideas on how you might see this editorial workflow working — we’d love any feedback that could shape how these features are developed.