Ecommerce Tina CMS, Next.js + Strapi

Does Tina CMS work to create an Ecommerce? how would Tina CMS work with next.js + strapi?
receive payments with Stripe?
or Tina CMS is just for creating a blog?
can I create a VERCEL-like website with Tina CMS?

Greetings to all!

Welcome @Alonso!

Tina is not just for blogs, but we haven’t made any prototypes of Tina working with ecommerce platforms like Stripe before. Definitely on our radar. If you give it a shot I would love to hear how it goes!

@brent does have a Strapi guide in the works though!


@ncphi Greetings Nolan, I searched and saw all the possible documentation about Tina CMS and the truth is that it is very little or insufficient for me.
and everything is messed up that Next.js that Strapi that Tina CMS find and I think Tina CMS should be the Strapi that be the Headless CMS.
I would like Tina CMS to be something like Storyblok a Headless CMS with Visual Editor
I finally decided on Storyblok CMS with Nuxt.js
To get the Ideas to try to create a workflow between next.js + strapi + tina CMS
and to be able to create some tutorials or videos to contribute to the project since I like to contribute to Open Source projects

I’ll be watching this wonderful project evolve, Strapi maybe will add the Visual Editor function as Storyblok or similar at some point.

But I would like Tina to be that Headless CMS with Visual Editor with a Page Builder, “My Personal Opinion.”

Greetings to the entire community.

Hey @alonso! Just a heads up that Lea from Snipcart put together a blog post on using building an E-commerce site with Tina and Next.js Check it out!