Does GraphQL Content API requires Tina Cloud?

I am not sure about this after reading the docs, so can someone clear this up please.

You can work locally with our GraphQL server if you don’t use Tina Cloud.

Thanx got it.

But you cant configure GraphQL created form to directly save changes to custom GitHub repo right? Saving to GitHub must go through TinaCloud right?

For directly saving to GitHub I guess react-tinacms-github & next-tinacms-github should be used. But then GraphQL can not be used with them, is that correct?

Right, the GraphQL API is currently only usable with Tina cloud. When you have the env flag to use local client it never hits Tina cloud and only uses local files.

Got it now tnx. Hope pricing will be announced soon :slightly_smiling_face:

Pricing will include a free plan for personal projects, and a plan for teams, we want to keep it affordable, so we were thinking something like $9/month/user. This is still subject to discussion, Tina Cloud will remain free until we reach final public release.

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