Color picker not showing when using Yarn 2

hi, I have setup tinacms but the color picker is not working as expected
it shows in the sidebar but not opening for color selection

some couple of hours trying to make it work with no success :frowning:

i’m using tinacms#useForm function

// tina config
  const config: TinaCMSConfig = {
    enabled: false,
    sidebar: {
      position: 'overlay',
// field
    name: 'color',
    component: 'color',
    label: 'Background Color',
    description: 'Edit the page background color here',
    colorFormat: 'hex',
    colors: ['#EC4815', '#241748', '#B4F4E0', '#E6FAF8'],
    widget: 'sketch',
  { ...

 const [post, form] = useForm(options)
 usePlugins([form, MarkdownFieldPlugin])

maybe i’m forgetting something?

For what it’s worth we tend to define default colors via CSS variabels and then use a select component instead.

e.g: tina-tailwind-sidebar-demo/section.js at main · tinacms/tina-tailwind-sidebar-demo · GitHub

oh! that cool to know! thanks, but maybe unrelated issue tho, I figured out it has to do with the usage with yarn 2.