Branching saves to generate previews

Sorry if I missed this somewhere, but curious if there is currently a way to have saved content create a branch in git, instead of pushing to master.

Would be great to leverage branch-based preview builds of a site and allow for a separate “Editor” to approve content to merge it in.

Thanks a bunch.

Hey @jiman! That’s definitely something we want to implement with the Github workflow, particularly with open authoring. I’d say that branching is the next solid chunk of work we will bite off, so stay tuned!

This would be a great feature. Any updates on this?

Yes this was implemented a few weeks back for the GitHub open authoring workflows. Branch switching is done through a toolbar plugin.

Thanks Kendall. Is there any plans to add this a configuration parameter to the gatsby-tinacms-git component? I’d love for my content authors to check everything into a content branch and then allow them to click a button and merge all of the changes into master so we can author and publish chunks or content. Thanks.