Any thoughts, concerns with system-ui component libraries?

Wondering if anyone has any experience as to how integrating system-ui based component libraries can work with Tina? I personally go between theme-ui and chakra-ui depending on the project, and am looking to bring that workflow into Tina. I’d love to use Tina in conjunction with these libraries and still be able to leverage all the customization and inline-editing capabilities of Tina.

I ask this because I see that Tina uses css variables heavily, but am not sure how that will translate into dealing with an object based style specification.

Just wanted to see if anyone has done this, and what their experience has been like. Looking for any gotchas / best-practices that my need to be dealt with or incorporated.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve been experimenting with using Tina coupled with a design system where tokens are stored in a JS object, but I haven’t worked with theme-ui or chakra-ui yet. I’ll have to set up a test case to see how that might work, but I suspect your theme would exist as a JSON file that’s edited by Tina and some sort of theme component would turn that into a theme object.