Add / Remove from List of Items

I have a list of Json files and that I’m using TinaCMS to edit and create new versions. I’m currently using TinaCMS to create new content (JSON file) on the list page and TinaCMS to edit / delete on the details page. I’m wondering if it is possible to also do an edit / delete of items on the list page (where I don’t have rawJson and fileRelativePath at the root level). If I can’t do that, is there a way to hide the Welcome to Tina text. Thanks

Hi there! :raising_hand_woman:

TL;DR — there is no pre-packaged way to implement this, but it’s possible.

One way to work around the current limitations would be to create forms for the ‘list view’. So you could create custom forms for all the posts to register on the list view that maybe allow you to edit the title, date, and author (or other top-level data). And add the delete action to those forms. It’s a bit of duplication but I think it will work.

Regarding your other question about hiding or customizing the empty form state — this is not yet possible but could be an awesome opportunity to contribute!

There’s definitely room for improvement with this UX, especially when considering inline editing. This story could set the stage for a neat RFC to improve the management of multiple template files. Ideally, one would be able to delete multiple files at a time from a list view either on the page or in the sidebar.

Thanks Kendall for the response. I was under the impression that the “list view” didn’t support editing of multiple items and only supported the creation of new items. How would I go about doing something like this? Thanks for you help and thanks for TinaCMS. It’s a real joy to work with.