502 NO_RESPONSE_FROM_FUNCTION when attempting to edit on Vercel

Hi - example repo here:

Followed this guide to the letter: https://tinacms.org/guides/nextjs/github/hosting-vercel

When attempting to edit in prod I get a 502 with
An error occurred with this application.


Hey @Larpo! :wave:

You can get more information on what went wrong by going to your Vercel dashboard and clicking “function logs” to capture errors in real-time. That might give you more insight into what’s going wrong.

For now, double check that you added all of your environment variables to the Vercel dashboard, including a SIGNING_KEY (I noticed in our guide that this one is omitted from the screenshot.)

If that doesn’t help, let us know what error you see in the Vercel dashboard, and we can go from there.

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It will be this… thanks

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